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Max. 2 persons

9 hours € 275,- p.p.

  • Learn kitesurfing together

  • Maximum 2 persons per instructor.

  • Included Material

The 3 days course is perfect for You, who want to have a serious start on Kitesurfing. Throughout this course we will focus on independence and safety, and after the 9 hours you will be able to independently do the water start. Within the time on the water we will also be discussing the right of way with Kitesurfing, different current and wind directions.

All of our kitesurf lessons is given in small groups with maximum 2 persons pr. 1 instructor. Like that we will be able to teach you to kitesurf on your own as fast and safe as possible.

Private lessons are also possible, for more information you are always welcome to contact us.


Radio Communication

Direct Coaching: Through our lessons we use radio communication. The importance of understanding the instructions through the surf lessons is number 1. Through the portable radio, your instructor will always be able to reach contact with you.
More freedom: There is no better feeling than freedom on the water either with body dragging or actual kitesurfing, but it can happen that you need some instruction/help from your instructor, and therefore we have the portable radios. Safety and freedom at the same time.

Lesson plan: 3 days course

  • Preparing the equipment.

  • Practising the safety system.

  • On the water with the Kite.

  • Down wind body dragging.

  • Body dragging in different directions.

  • Preparing the equipment.

  • Body dragging.

  • Water start

  • Different kite techniques.

  • Independence training.

  • Preparing the equipment.

  • Water start.

  • Kitesurfing! Kitesurfing! Kitesurfing!


Within the 3 day course, you’ll learn the basics of kitesurf equipment. How to prepare and disperse.


Kite control is the most important by kitesurfing. Every lesson our focus is mostly on the control of the kite.


The more kite control you have, the easier you’ll learn the waterstart.


We want to make you an independent kitesurfer. in every lesson we work towards your independency.


Not only are you learning a lot, but fun is also important.