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5 Day kitesurf course


Max. 2 persons

15 hours € 435,- p.p.

  • Learn kitesurfing together

  • Maximum 2 persons per instructor.

  • Included Material

The 5 Days Kitesurfing course is for You, who wants a serious jump start on Kitesurfing.

Throughout this course you will be learning all the basics, And more advanced techniques, as for example going upwind, analysing the spot and to predict different weather conditions.

All of our kitesurf lessons is given in small groups with maximum 2 persons pr. 1 instructor. Like that we will be able to teach you to kitesurf on your own as fast and safe as possible.

Private lessons are also possible, for more information you are always welcome to contact us.


Radio Communication

Direct Coaching: Through our lessons we use radio communication. The importance of understanding the instructions through the surf lessons is number 1. Through the portable radio, your instructor will always be able to reach contact with you.
More freedom: There is no better feeling than freedom on the water either with body dragging or actual kitesurfing, but it can happen that you need some instruction/help from your instructor, and therefore we have the portable radios. Safety and freedom at the same time.

Lesson Plan: 5 Day Kitesurf Course

  • Preparation and packing of the equipment.

  • Independently entering the water and kite away.

  • The best posture while kiting in different directions.

  • Sliding transition and turning.

  • Controlled kiting between others.

  • Independently spot analysing.

  • To learn the power of the kite.

  • How to handle different weather conditions.

  • Self-rescue (How to rescue yourself, with the use of the kite as a sail).


After the 5 day course, you will know enough about the equipment to kitesurf by yourself. Though remember, there is always more to learn.


Kite control is the most important by kitesurfing. Every lesson our focus is mostly on the control of the kite.


After 5 lessons are you most likely (sometimes you need more time) able to kitesurf upwind.


Within the 5 day course our focus is to reduce dangerous situations, and by that avoid them.


Not only are you learning a lot, but fun is also important.

I have finished the 5 Days Kitesurfing course, And now what?

After ending the 5 days course, you will be able to independently make a spot analyse, material choices, preparation/packing of equipment, enter the water and kite away. Should there happen anything, you will be able to make use of the self-rescue technique and get safely back to shore.

Did you finished the 5 Days course and still want more? By North Sea Kitesurf School are we more than happy to advice you towards own material choices or you will be able to rent our material for a day on the water.

Renting of the material is in the beginning under supervision and with the use of the radio communication. You will therefore always feel safe while renting our material.