Do you want to learn cool tricks and be the envy of both people on and off the water, but haven’t quite figured out how to yet? At North Sea Kitesurf School, we can help you! There are a huge amount of different tricks to learn; back rolls, kite loops, darkslides, and lots more. If you already know which specific trick(s) you want to learn, let us know and we will be able to help you towards your goal.



Wave riding is one of the many disciplines in kitesurfing. With wave riding, you are standing on a small stiff wave-surfboard with or without straps. Wave riding will give you the optimal feeling of freedom. The opportunities to ride waves while kitesurfing on the North Sea are huge and with this discipline, you will have unlimited room to play in the waves. Do you want to learn to kite with a wave board, make turns and big water sprays in the waves? North Sea Kitesurf School will make it all possible.



1 person

2 hours € 99,- p.p.

Specially designed for you
Effective learning on your level
No material included

Radio Communication

Direct Coaching: Through our lessons we use radio communication. The importance of understanding the instructions through the surf lessons is number 1. Through the portable radio, your instructor will always be able to reach contact with you.
More freedom: There is no better feeling than freedom on the water either with body dragging or actual kitesurfing, but it can happen that you need some instruction/help from your instructor, and therefore we have the portable radios. Safety and freedom at the same time.