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Kids Kitesurf Lesson


2 persons

2 hours € 80,- p.p.

  • Learn kitesurfing together

  • Maximum 2 persons per instructor.

Everybody can learn Kitesurfing with just the right guidance. You learn faster while you are young. We therefore offer Kitesurf lessons for kids!

Is your kid/s between 8 and 14 years old, and can he/she swim in the open waters? Then we have the possibility for him/her to start kitesurfing.

Your kid/s learn the same techniques as a grown-up kitesurfer. With the kids kitesurfing lesson the instructor stay closer by your kid/s, so there always is manual help within a second. With the kids kitesurfing lesson, the kid/s must wear a helmet and an impact-vest, which is a part of the equipment that is included in the kitesurfing lesson price.


The difference between kids and adults kitesurfing lesson

Kids are not only learning faster, but also different than adults.
Playfully we will learn your kids all the basics, like the building of the equipment and the safety system. And more important we will keep practising the safety system until you can do it with your eyes closed. From there of, we will enter the water and start working with the kite, the kite control. Also in the water it’s playful, we make use of f.x the train as a body dragging technique, where more people are hanging on to each other and gets pulled slightly trough the water.

Fitted equipmentKids Kitesurfing lesson we use fitted equipment, we use smaller kites en possibly shorter lines. Also, the wetsuit, harness, impact vest and helmet are suited for kids. All our instructors have a lot of experience with teaching kids.

Lesson plan: Kids Kitesurfing

  • Building up the equipment.

  • Practising the safety system.

  • Kite control in the water.

  • Practising to independently walk backwards in the water.

  • Down wind body dragging.

  • Body dragging in different directions.

  • Trying the technique of water start on the beach.

  • The water start in the water.

  • Kitesurfing..

  • Kitesurfing in different directions.

  • Turning.

  • Stopping.