Kitesurf, Wavesurf and much more in
Zandvoort aan Zee

Kitesurfing and Wavesurfing in Zandvoort is super. We can offer top Quality here at our main location.
The beach of Zandvoort is 8 km. long, which gives plenty of room for kitesurfing, wave surfing and other water activities.
The kitesurf spot in Zandvoort aan Zee South beach is very close located to the rescue party, who always are helpful to watersports.

By North Sea Kitesurf school we also teach other watersport, like wave surfing, SUP and skateboarding.
Events and Teambuildings is also possible by our location in Zandvoort.
We welcome you by North Sea Surf Lodge in Zandvoort aan Zee.


Kitesurfing in Zandvoort aan Zee

Zandvoort is the perfect place to learn Kitesurfing and Wavesurfing. The sand banks in the water is perfect spaced, so you always have nice quiet water in between the waves. On the sand banks is perfect to stand while kitesurfing and wave surfing, this makes it a bit easier to learn kitesurfing in open water, plus there is no dangerous currents.

Evening lessons or courses is possible during the summertime. That makes it possible to have a lesson after work, from 18:00 or 19:00 o’clock, which is the perfect ending on a day.

Kitesurf wind directions in Zandvoort

In Zandvoort it is possible to kitesurf with south, west and north winds. In the summer is the wind mostly direction south/west, which is perfect. The wind from SW is travelling from the south and therefore nice and warm. The perfect conditions in Zandvoort is with SW wind and low tide, that makes the current going towards the wind direction and result almost no current.

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Zandvoort aan Zee

  • North Sea Kitesurf School, by our main location in Zandvoort we have changing rooms, showers and lockers.

  • We work together with our good friends from Safari Lodge. And have our location by their beachclub.
    After your lesson you can enjoy a delicious lunch on the beach.
    More information about Safari Lodge??

Boulevard Paulus Loot 2,
2042 AE Zandvoort.
Parking spots available

Station Zandvoort aan Zee.
20 min. from Amsterdam.

Bus 81.
Stop by bustop Badhuisplein, walk in south direction.

From Haarlem is our school 25 min. biking.

Do you want to have lesson on this location?