Kitesurfing in Muiderberg

On the west side of the pier in Muiderberg, you will find the kitesurf spot, located straight at the dike. In Muiderberg it is possible to prepare your equipment on a smal gras area. The water un deep 700 meters from the coast, so you have plenty of space to stand. Which makes it a perfect kitesurf spot! the water is flat and calm, which all makes it a good place for beginners.

At our school, the coffee is always warm! For the hungry ones, there is a restaurant by the harbor in Muiderberg.

Kitesurf wind directions in Muiderberg

North Sea Kitesurf School have a mobile location in Muiderberg. In Muiderberg we can kitesurf with north till eastwind.

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  • The grass area in Muiderberg is surrounded by big trees, which sometimes can make it a challenge to let your kite in the air. We always advise people to do so on the water, where there are less obstacles. On a warm summer day, it can be busy here, but all swimmers have their own area, which is clearly marked.

  • At our school the coffee is always warm.

  • Parking is a challenge in Muiderberg. The best is to find a spot by the parkingspot in the start of Dijkweg, then it’s just a small walk to our kitespot.

Kerkpad, 1399 HA Muiderberg.

There is no train station close by.

Bus 110
Busstop Gerard Duolaan, Muiderberg

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