Advanced Wavesurfing Lesson

  • Group lesson: 2 hours – €30,- per person. Location: Zandvoort.

The Wave Surfing advanced lesson is for You, who already tried the beginner lesson or who already had some few pushes from a wave, with this lesson we will start on what ever level you are.

We walk you through the techniques on how to get over or under the wave to get easier through the surf. To paddle faster so you will get better in the waves. More effective and stable stands on your surfboard and last to learn how to sit on the surfboard, for a better overview or a nice chill.

In the water we will be talking about what for different sort of waves there is; Wave-balls, hollow waves and close-out waves etc. The hardest part about surfing is to figure out whether or not the wave is good or not and why.



Maximum 8 persons

2 hours € 30,- per person


1 person

2 hours € 45,-

Lesson plan: Advanced wavesurfing lesson

  • The easiest way to get over or under the waves.

  • Effective paddling.

  • Knowledge about waves.

  • Predict the waves.

  • Effective and stable on your board.

  • How to sit relaxed on your board behind the surf.

  • Best body posture.


Safety is first priority


Each participant must be able to swim. we will explain how you in the best way can enjoy SUP in Haarlem city. Our instructors has years of experience in teaching and make sure you have a pleasant time on the water.


In the wavesurf beginner lesson you will learn the basics of the wave surf board, as the top, back, fins and so on.


Control of the surfboard is essentiel while wavesurfing! In the lesson, we’ll learn you how you use the board in the waves.


Wavesurfing is all about standing and surf on the waves! That is our goal within every lesson.


Our goal is to make You and independently wavesurfer. In every lesson we work towards our goal, so You will be able to enjoy the wonderfull North Sea all by your self.


You don’t only learn a lot, but it is a lot of fun in the meantime!

What are you able to surf after the wave surfing advanced lesson?

After the wave surfing advanced lesson you will be able to read the different types of waves, water etc. Whenever You are standing on the beach, you will have knowledge which can tell you if the waves are good or if the current is strong and so on. In calm conditions, it will be possible to paddle behind the surf and wait for the right wave and enjoy the quietness on the water.