Wavesurf beginner lesson in Zandvoort

  • Grouplesson: 2 hours – €30,- per person. Location: Zandvoort.

  • Nederlands

Wave Surfing Lesson for beginners is for You who never surfed before and who would like to try it out. By North Sea Kitesurf School you learn the basics on a safe and successful way. We start with some basics on the beach, about safety and equipment and after wards we will enter the water and explore a surfing gen.

In the water there is sandbanks, where we will be standing and hit every wave, to just let us carry with the water. You will try to make turns laying on the board, and when that succeeds, we do it standing on the board.

On the beach we will be trying out the technique to stand on the board, so that it will be easier to do it in the water and waves.

Golfsurfles in Zandvoort is geweldig. Surf de golfen in onze lessen en cursusen in Zandvoort aan zee de golfsurf school.


Maximum 8 persons

2 hours € 30,- per person.


1 person

2 hours € 45,-

Lesson plan: Wave Surfing Beginner

  • Short description of your Surfboard.

  • Explanation of safety in the water.

  • What is waves and how are they created – understanding the water

  • You and your board.

  • Basic knowledge of current.

  • How to let the wave push you forwards.

  • Surfing laying face down on the board.

  • Basics techniques for standing up.



Safety is first priority!


Each participant must be able to swim. we will explain how you in the best way can enjoy SUP in Haarlem city. Our instructors has years of experience in teaching and make sure you have a pleasant time on the water.


In the wavesurf beginner lesson you will learn the basics of the wave surf board, as the top, back, fins and so on.


Control of the surfboard is essentiel while wavesurfing! In the lesson, we’ll learn you how you use the board in the waves.


Wavesurfing is all about standing and surf on the waves! That is our goal within every lesson.


Our goal is to make You and independently wavesurfer. In every lesson we work towards our goal, so You will be able to enjoy the wonderfull North Sea all by your self.


You don’t only learn a lot, but it is a lot of fun in the meantime!

What are you able to do after the wavesurfing beginner lesson?

  • You will be able to do a basic analyse about the waves and surroundings.

  • To get through the surf with your board.

  • Independently decide what is clever or not to do in the water.

  • To let yourself get pushed with the wave and maybe some change of direction.

  • Maybe you will be able to stand on the board en SURF.